The Siddha Awareness Association was founded in 1999 by the spiritual teacher, Sage Narada. The objectives of this fellowship is to promote the spiritual awareness in Israel and worldwide while putting emphasis on attainment of self-realization and also helping humanity to promote mental and physical health.
The association, based on the teachings of Siddha Yoga, particularly on the teachings of Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa, by whose path Sage Narada teaches and bestows grace and helps anyone attain the supreme spiritual goal, which is Self-Realization and also any other goals one may wish to attain in this world.

So-ham - The So-ham exercises in essence originate from an ancient Yogic philosophy. Yogis have been practicing the idea of the space in the So-Ham exercises from the dawn of time. The uniqueness of the So-Ham exercises is that Sage Narada received inspiration from observing the seagulls, and then a new idea was born, that creates a bridge for the human being to come to know his own inner essence easily and in a manner that brings him great benefit. The idea by which through movement once can focus on the space is a great gift to mankind. The objective of the So-Ham exercises is in principle to provide the human being with a path and means to release mental blockages, tensions and pressures and thus open up the place for enriching noble traits. The practice is filled with many treasures. The more the practitioner perseveres and goes deeper into the exercises, he finds more and more abilities that he can attain. It begins with the body’s posture, mental balance, being one with the action and spiritual development. The So-Ham exercises are intended for everyone, and everyone can benefit form them according to his wishes while he practices them in his home, in the park, on the beach or any other place that suits him.
In the mental aspect, the practitioner learns how to release mental blockages and at the same time he builds noble traits and learns how to create balance through awareness of unity with the action. >> Read more

Mantra Yoga

The literal meaning of the word mantra is protection. A person who repeats the mantra receives protection. The mantra seems to you like syllables of words, but it is actually the Absolute Himself.

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The Absolute Principle

The Absolute principal is the most important topic for the yogi. Until a person doesn’t come to know this principal, doesn’t know it, doesn’t experience it, doesn’t respect it, it will be very difficult for him to live in bliss and actually he turns towards suffering, because the absolute principal is the source of bliss, knowledge and balance.

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Bhakti Yoga

Divine love is unconditional love. It has no conditions, and this is something that is very difficult for the mind to perceive and accept and for the ego it is very difficult. This love, in its essence, is not based on any interest, no interest whatsoever.

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The Absolute Awareness

The Absolute Awareness is the most essential thing of the Absolute. The awareness is all pervasive, but when speaking of the human being, it dwells in his sahasrara and love dwells within his heart and they are one.

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Non Acceptance of the Fruit of the Action

Once you are attached to the fruits of the action you block the spirit, this means that the fruits will not be in a perfect state and will not be so beneficial. That same spanda that wants to reveal its perfection, you block it with worry and anxiety, with pressure, with fear, with hope.

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