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In Sanskrit, the syllable “gu” means darkness and “ru” means light. It is the true spiritual teacher who lifts the darkness of ignorance from his students and bestows on them the light of knowledge. The Guru is the grace bestowing power of the Absolute.


Kundalini is a divine energy which represents the female aspect of the Absolute situated at the base of the spine. Once awakened by the Siddha Guru it is She who purifies the Yogi or Yogin and bestows all the visions and spiritual experiences that one receives and eventually it is the Kundalini Shakti by grace of the Guru that performs the ultimate merger of the individual soul with that of the Absolute.

Shakti pat

The blessed awakening of the Kundalini Shatki situated at the base of every human being by a Siddha Guru through his glance, touch or word.


The life force pervading the universe that sustains life and health of all living creatures.

It is found in its most purest form on the sea shore, in parks and forests.


The chanting of the name of the Lord which is sweet as nectar and has the power to invoke love and bliss inside the singers heart.



This is a Sanskrit word which literally means “the company of holy men”. Satsung is a gathering of students and devotees who convene to hear their spiritual teacher give knowledge on a certain topic or subject and through which one receives grace and inner wisdom arises along with the basing of important understandings.


A Siddha is a human being who has attained the ultimate spiritual goal of Self-Realization and is one in his awareness with the Absolute. He is what is termed and enlightened being.



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