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Non Acceptance of the Fruit of the Action

Once you are attached to the fruits of the action you block the spirit, this means that the fruits will not be in a perfect state and will not be so beneficial. That same spanda that wants to reveal its perfection, you block it with worry and anxiety, with pressure, with fear, with hope.

The Spanda Shakti is perfect and free, once you prevent Her this expression by being in a sate that is not free, that is without expectations, She will not yield the fruits that really should be. This law comes to cancel the individual ego and liberate him from the karma that is formed out of illusion and bestows the experience of the Truth.
Don’t walk with your head against the wall – don’t cling on to something or insist on something that you want so much – set it free. When you are stubborn, you hurt people and you hurt yourselves and create endless disappointments. You blame everyone and you press….
It is the Absolute’s business, He acts therefore he should worry. Declare: “I don’t worry”. After all it is His law and it is His will. He wants you to break free. He will be happy if you cooperate with Him. He will answer you. In this place He answers, He really answers.


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