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The Absolute Awareness

The Absolute Awareness is the most essential thing of the Absolute. The awareness is all pervasive, but when speaking of the human being, it dwells in his sahasrara and love dwells within his heart and they are one.

One can’t separate between the awareness and the love. The awareness is power. It is a force. The awareness actually helps the yogi destroy his karmic state and discard suffering.
The awareness is actually the Chitti Shakti within the Absolute and Shiva is the prakasha. He is the light. Vimarsha is the awareness and prakasha the light. The light can’t illuminate without the awareness and there is no point to the awareness without the light. This means, one dwells within the other. Actually it is not one within the other, they are simply one.
The awareness is not something that a person can grasp scientifically. The awareness is something essential. Through observation one can come to know the awareness. By means of an authentic experience one can come to know it. The awareness is the place by which the Absolute acknowledges Himself, knows Himself, just like you are aware that you are human beings, so the Absolute is aware that he is the Absolute. And this is the “I AM”. When a person attains self-realization, it is the place where he knows himself to be the Absolute. The “I AM” arises from within him. It is not only a sound or words, it is a divine presence from which He is no different from. That same prakasha and vimarsha are revealed as one within him and also outside of him, in his actions or his presence, in everything it is him.
We can observe an Absolute awareness and we can observe an individual awareness. That same individual awareness when a human being is aware that he his human or that he is of aware of anything. It is that same absolute awareness only it has contracted itself, limited itself. It is no longer all pervasive. It only represents the individual. That same limited identification, this is the place you suffer from. It is like a space found in a pot and when it breaks, then the space (that was in the pot) merges with everything. It is exactly like this. That same individual awareness breaks and disappears into the Absolute awareness.


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