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Bhakti Yoga

Divine love is unconditional love. It has no conditions, and this is something that is very difficult for the mind to perceive and accept and for the ego it is very difficult. This love, in its essence, is not based on any interest, no interest whatsoever.

Divine love is unconditional love. It is very difficult to attain this state where you love unconditionally. It is not easy. It is not something you can attain in a moment. It is a practice that takes years and you have to work on many aspects: on egoism, on service, on understanding, and on knowledge and sacrifice and to pass tests. The Divine tests and puts the bhakta in situations where he needs to be completely selfless. He needs to be really clean and pure and full of love and full of discipline and self-control.
However, bhakti yoga is the easiest path and quickest of all paths. It is a practice. It is a practice of love. This love can be strengthened through practice. Through bhakti, through love, you purify more quickly. You rinse off all your bad karma in an amazing way. As a principle, one needs to love, simply to love, and love, and love, and love, and love, and love, and love, and love, and love.
It is important to understand that human love is not even a crumb of the divine love. What you experience in human love, it is not even a crumb of the divine love. Human love comes from a place of duality. It is supported by the senses. Human love searches for an object in order to love.
Love embraces all. You not only experience that within you it fills every capillary with love, but also everything that surrounds you becomes filled with love. Everything is filled with love. You experience love in everything. What ever you touch – you experience love. Whatever you see, whatever you eat – it is love. Everything is love. It is the parabhakti, it is the supreme love, the sublime divine love. 


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