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The Absolute Principle

The Absolute principal is the most important topic for the yogi. Until a person doesn’t come to know this principal, doesn’t know it, doesn’t experience it, doesn’t respect it, it will be very difficult for him to live in bliss and actually he turns towards suffering, because the absolute principal is the source of bliss, knowledge and balance.

This principal it is the essence, it is the Self, it is the Self of everyone. The human being is the Self, everyone is the Self, but as a principal the Self is the strength and force that manifests in everything, not only in the human being. Once a person begins to understand this, he can greatly strengthen himself, enrich himself and succeed in anything he does. This principal is amazing it is not just for you to prosper in the world, it is also for you to flourish spiritually. This is what will give you success because this is what will grant you bliss, this is what will provide you with freedom. You need to value this because you are still in an illusionary place that is attached to the world, where it is difficult for you to see beyond this.
The Absolute principal is that same state where the Absolute declares himself: “I am Shiva, this is I”. Man in his essence is Shiva. It is that same place that can’t be changed and everyone must come to know this place and identify with it and accept it. Because once you do not turn towards this place, you turn to the ego. You go to a limited individual place and this is already a limited place. A person can’t be at peace when he comes from an egotistical desire, acts upon an egotistical desire. He can’t be at peace. That same egotistical place should be shifted to an absolute desire that comes from a pure place and that it is He who fulfills your wishes and your desires. 


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