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Mantra Yoga

The literal meaning of the word mantra is protection. A person who repeats the mantra receives protection. The mantra seems to you like syllables of words, but it is actually the Absolute Himself.

The primordial mantra is AUM. The sound AUM. And this sound is actually the source of all the sounds that you hear. No object exists that doesn’t have a sound. There is even a sound in space and it originates from the AUM. In AUM there are no words and there are no thoughts. The is the state of spanda where the Absolute lets ideas rise from within himself and this is how he creates. In order to really understand what a mantra is one needs to practice a lot because the mantra, it simply takes on the form of the Absolute. A mantra is a number of syllables which essence and sound originate from the AUM. The AUM is actually the Absolute in the form of a sound. There are four levels of sound until it actually becomes speech. In the state of the AUM is called para. In its purest state it is called pashyanti. In this place, the Yogi and the word are one. In the third state, where it is found only in the level of thought it is called madyama. When it is expressed through words it is called vikari. Now, if we climb from bottom to top then the Yogi repeats the mantra on the level of vikari. When he repeats the mantra he needs to be in the awareness that the mantra and he are one. In this place, the Yogi who repeats the mantra is able to experience his pure Self.


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