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Mental Balance

The inner Silence

Inner Silence is the purest state that the Absolute exists in, it is Him. The Absolute silence is actually the Absolute in the state of complete silence like the bottom of the ocean. It is a silence that contains force and is full of power.


The bliss of the self

The bliss of the Self is the true bliss. It is actually an energy called Shakti, Ananda Shakti. Ananda Shakti is bliss. This is the thing that the human being yearns for and seeks after. For this he lives, he wants to be blissful.


To Love the self

There is no need to search for love and there is not even a need to find it. It is found within you. Love dwells in the heart chakra. Love has no words. It is simply love, like pure water where one only immerses in.


Testimonial - Nirmala

Ever since childhood I have been suffering from lack of mental balance or what is generally termed: lack of emotional balance. I used to be very sensitive, situations that required communication would many times end with a crying a lot and in general, I used to dwell in a state of melancholy and despair since I could not find the meaning of my existence in the world.



To worry – it is the nature of the mind. It is natural for the mind to create worries; create limitations; create fantasies. But you are not mind. Worrying is a state that should not be disparaged because it injures the heart of the human being.


The Pure Will

The pure will is that same energy with which the Absolute acts with as his will. This energy is called Icha Shakti and she is no different from the Absolute just like heat can not be separated from fire. This is how the Icha Shakti does not differ from the Absolute.



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