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The So-ham exercises

The So-ham exercises in essence originate from an ancient Yogic philosophy. Yogis have been practicing the idea of the space in the So-Ham exercises from the dawn of time. The uniqueness of the So-Ham exercises is that Sage Narada received inspiration from observing the seagulls, and then a new idea was born, that creates a bridge for the human being to come to know his own inner essence easily and in a manner that brings him great benefit. The idea by which through movement once can focus on the space is a great gift to mankind.


The term So-Ham is also called Ham-Sa

The term So-Ham is also called Ham-Sa.
The “HAM” represents the Self, the inner self as “I” and the “SA” represents the world as “That”. The meaning of this statement is actually “I Am That”.


So-Ham FAQs

So-Ham Exercises: For Mental Balance.
What are the So-Ham Exercises? What does one receive from the So-Ham Exercises? What is Exceptional about the So-Ham Exercises?



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